My first loves were animals.

 Living on a farm in the 1940s was a childhood heaven.

There were even carthorses ( Suffolk Punches) in my earliest years.

There were cows, pigs, sheep, poultry, goats, dogs & cats of course.

Ponies not ridden in special clothes nor in clever circles, but used for tearing across fields in terror and glory.

There were endless wild animals found damaged and nursed, usually to death, in our loving care. 

 This is why they were the first things I made.

I never planned to be an artist nor went to an art school.

I trained to be a primary school teacher where I could choose sculpture as a main subject.

It became apparent I had talent and it  led to being my main occupation whenever possible.

During child-rearing years I sold at agriculture shows and made trophies and undertook commissions.

I include them here because they represent my early years and remain popular and sell.

Few remain, and they no longer interest me as a subject,

but where there is still a viable mould more could be cast.



Are they ART?  Not nowadays! 

Fashions change and realistic images are OUT

however much they were made with passion by an artist

and received with love by a purchaser.