THE ARTIST’S CHOICE:   A few years ago I chose to have a large cast made of my small cast of seahorses. This explains why I made this choice.

The adventures of the little wooden horse, book and model

Now, to make sense of this story please click the body of the little wooden horse on the book, If you don’t the images will not make sense.

Resin bronze seahorses
Experimenting with images
Model of Seahorses on reflection
I entered a competition for a marina, got shortlisted but failed. Ambition grew.
Clay Seahorses at Tassis foundry Athens
Working on the bronze seahorses in Tassis foundry Athens
Installing Seahorses at The White House Farm in Suffolk
The Seahorses installed in Suffolk

The Tassis foundry in Athens enlarges the small Seahorses & casts it into bronze. A local marble rock is selected as a base.

The Tassis team, Vangelis and Stavros, bring it to Galapper Sands in Suffolk and set it up with local help.

Installing a large bronze sculpture OF SEAHORSES
Seahorses in a sea of grass
The back of the Seahorses in winter

                           Later it moves to Kent where it sits in a view over The Weald in summer and winter and meets its life-size little wooden horse

The little wooden horse meets some seahorses