BRONZE SCULPTURES are cast in a foundry. This is a skilled and time- consuming process.

The metal sculpture produced is virtually indestructible. Bronzes have been rescued from the sea after centuries.

There are many descriptions of the process online.

The foundry I use is 


RESIN BRONZE is a cast in which the mould is painted with finely ground bronze in resin.

It is then filled solid with almost anything inert, often including iron fillings which are heavy and make the sculpture feel like real bronze.

This process does not need special equipment and is much cheaper to produce.

In appearance it can be difficult to distinguish from real bronze.

I have always done my own resin casting but in old age I am unwilling to do more.

Resins can be reinforced with fibre glass and have internal steel supports.

They will last until they are dropped.

Funny true stories: I once gave a resin bronze sculpture to a charity auction. The auctioneer announced as he held it up, “This must be worth a lot by weight alone.”  I had hidden 10cm of a heavy lead pipe in the base.



Most bronzes are in limited editions.

10 is a common number but some are much bigger and some sculptures are unique.

This of course affects the value.

Sometimes the mould will tear before the full number has been cast, especially if it is a complicated structure.

New moulds can be made if there is a good original version of the sculpture..