sculpture of big bull in resin bronze
Bigger bull, 60cm long, resin bronze


The bigger bull on the left is a finished edition in resin bronze but can be ordered in bronze in a limited edition of 10. The Bull and Heifer (which I title “middle-aged love”) had a resin bronze edition originally and it is finished. This is the last one of the 10 bronzes..

The cow and calf were studied from a neighbour’s Guernsey house cow.

Front view of bronze sculpture of bull
Bronze bull, edition 10, 22cm long
bronze bull and heifer linking to bigger image and information
Bronze Bull & Heifer, edition 10
a bronze sculpture of a cow with a new calf linking to a bigger image and information
Bronze Cow with new calf, edition 10
photo of farmers holding bronze trophies of a bull linking to more information
Proud trophy winners