DUCKLING GOING TO WATER is the last of an edition of 10, bronze on slate or wood, 45 cm long. I hatched out a family of Runner Ducks from a broody hen. They were a delight to watch but a puzzle to their stepmother. Like most free pets they came to a sticky end. Some were eaten by a fox, others choked from grazing on grass which was too long.

Bronze sculpture of duckling going to water on a slate base used as a link to details


It seems sensible to put my most unpopular sculpture under my most popular one.

It is made in resin bronze, plus odd bits, and is mounted on a slice of green marble. It is likely to be unique.

I made it after the RSPC produced a report on the ethics of hunting and fishing in 1979. The evidence from the scientists proved fish have the same nerve endings in their cheeks as we humans haveĀ  – and presumably dogs.

It seems a happy, harmless sight, seeing people peacefully fishing by ponds and rivers. They usually carefully return the caught fish, but I do feel sorry for the fish.