kent ewe with lambs linking to bigger image and information

These were all made early in my sculptural life

when I was selling at agriculture shows.

KENT EWE WITH LAMBS on the left is bronze in an edition of 10

There was an edition in resin bronze now finished.

The WENSLEYDALE is a rare breed  and was originally

commissioned in resin bronze as a trophy but later

several owners wanted a bronze and by getting a group of 5 together

it could be ordered at a much reduced price.

The SUFFOLK shown here (not in bronze) was also a trophy.

BORN IN THE COLD was done from a newly born lamb on a foul day.

It is smaller than the others which are all about 15cm long.

The WENSLEYDALE HEAD shows a detail.

I made other breeds but have not kept images.


Bronze sculpture of a Wensleydale sheep linking to further details
A sculpture of a Suffolk ram
Born in the cold
Bronze head of a Wensleydale sheep linking to details
Wensleydale head