Clearly there is only one.

EDITIONS¬†Sculptures can be made of perishable materials and not intended to be permanent and will perish in due course. Others that are formed from a perishable or unstable material media such as wax and clay need to be treated – for example firing clay – or be moulded and cast into a material which will be permanent. This also means several casts can be made from a mould so the cost is spread over the number produced. If it is a limited edition the mould has to be destroyed when the full number is made. Usually a few extra ones can be cast as an artist’s casts.¬†

MY SCULPTURES  Some editions are finished, but where the mould is still viable and the whole edition has not been cast, extra can be made. Producing several is much cheaper than only one. The Wensleydale sheep under FARM ANIMALS is an example of a group ordering 5 and almost halving the cost.

In the past I have produced my own resin bronzes but in my old age I am not doing this. I have never truly cost my time so when the work is done by people who need to make a living the prices will be higher. With bronzes I will still make my own waxes before sending them to a foundry to ensure their integrity. Later I will be exploring prices, but if anyone has an enquiry please contact me under CONTACT on the main home page.