Background scenic image to bronze sculptures


                                                                                Which horse is bronze and which is resin bronze?

                                                          It is impossible to tell from an image and often from looking at the sculpture. 


My early work was all made by me in resin bronze which can be done with no special facilities except a fan helps with the smell.

Later I had most cast in a foundry. Why have I put these in when most were done decades ago and I have little interest in them now?

They interested me when I made them; they taught me many things which are not taught now such as if you want to sell art you need to make what people want; and sometimes it is best to get things RIGHT. Also where I have some left and an edition isn’t finished they SELL.

For convenience I have put the bronze sculptures in categories. This is because with such sculptures people are usually interested in a particular animal model. Click on the headings below for details.