My life-size wolf found a new home during Open Studios in June 2021. The smaller version in resin bronze (also available in bronze) in editions of 10 was exhibited in Savill Gardens, part of the Windsor estate, in 2022.
See https://www.windsorgreatpark.co.uk/en/experiences/the-savill-garden 

I made this tiger many years ago, probably about 30 years.

It took ownership of the wood so I let it remain. A public path runs not far beyond it and it became a landmark for people on walks

However by 2020 it had suffered some vandalism and was wearing out – and I was tired if repairing it – so I had decided to let the wood absorb it. When it had rotted I planned to take it to the dump.

In 2021 we were put into lockdown because of coronavirus. Death rates were rising. Someone was enjoying the freedom of a walk in the woods and saw the tiger. He/she reported it to the police

The police sent a helicopter and 10 armed police to deal with the situation.

 It was the best joke at a dire time and filled all the UK newspapers, even the Hindu Times. I was on several local TV programmes, and interviewed by journalists including two from Germany & the Netherlands. Friends from the USA rang me. Four days of fame – not for me, for the tiger.